Study Programs



The Academy has two fields of studies: drawing and painting. Each of these goes through three main levels, which build on each other. The two first levels last 3 years each with fulltime studies, while the third level lasts 4-5 years. After finishing all three levels one can be considered a professional artist within classical drawing and/or painting.


The basic drawing study program

The classical drawing study program

The high-classical drawing study program


The basic painting study program

The classical painting study program

The high-classical painting study program


Study Places and Streams




Christiania Art Academy is an independent school. The teaching is organized so it is possible to combine with work or other studies, into:




The content of the course is the same for all course streams, but the progress of the learning process will depend on whether you study full or part time. Read more about the different streams under Student Information.


The Teaching




The classical study at the Academy is a progressive subject-based stream, in which the different discipline areas and subjects build on each other and gradually deepen and widen your knowledge. After a basic start period, the program will be individualised and adjusted to each student’s ambitions and goals. At which speed this process happens depends on whether one studies full or part time and how much time is spent practicing outside of course time.

The teaching takes place through class teaching and group work, as well as individual and group review and supervision. This is combined with self-studies, which consist of solving specific tasks and exercises related to the classical art principles within each subject.

Each student is closely supervised by the main teacher and subject teacher, who provide continuous personal feedback and corrections. The students have a personal responsibility for their progress by actively participating in the process through each subject and level.

The main teaching language of the school is Norwegian, but the teachers are open to do partial translations to English. Individual feedback and corrections will be given in English if wanted.

The Academy’s own books illustrate the classical principles and how to apply them within the different subjects, which provides useful help to the students’ independent studies.

Relevant lectures and presentations on the art discipline and art history are held regularly. Excursions to relevant exhibitions or galleries happen 1-2 times a year.


The Teachers


Jan Cato Bøttger is the founder, and main teacher at Christiania Art Academy. He is educated as a visual artist at the Statens Kunstakademi, today called Kunsthøyskolen or Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and he has run courses, art schools and teaching, as well as research and analysis of classical art, for over 40 years. He is among the most skilled within his field and within life drawing and painting.