Portrait Drawing



The course takes place Wensdays 17:00 – 19:30,  5 evenings.


5 evenings NOK 3000

For registration please contact us by phone: 41257336


Portraits are an inspiring starting point for learning to draw and paint. The face is what we humans psychologically recognise the quickest in a person, and we have always been interested in depicting persons, above all the face.


We work with a live model, and go through different challenges in the drawing process. The course is adapted based on each participant’s level – whether you are a beginner or more experienced, the teaching and individual feedback is adapted to you.


You can choose which material or format you wish to use (pencil, coal, chalk etc). You will be taught in and given feedback for the material you wish to learn, and the teacher can recommend the right tool for you, based on your ambitions and wishes. Beginners are recommended to start with pencil.


The course can also function as a progressive education as a portrait drawer, potentially in combination with other courses, such as life drawing or sculpture. For those who choose to follow the course through the whole year, the teaching will focus on developing the participant’s own voice as an artist. They will explore more advanced aspects of portrait drawing, such as physical similarities: similarity in portrait drawing is decided by the artist’s understanding of proportions, form, shades etc. Beyond this, it is the artist’s abilities in abstraction and his/her feel for form and rhythm which creates a life like and psychological expression in the portrait.


Recommended equipment

  • Drawing or sketching paper in size A3
  • A selection of pencils from B and upwards
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Coal

Teacher: Jan Cato Bøttger, Jan Kabir