Life painting



The course takes place Tuesdays  19:30 – 22:00. The course runs a total of 6 evenings.

Myntgata 2c Oslo


6 evenings NOK 3000,-


For registration please contact us by phone +47 41257336 or e-mail


This is an advanced life and colour study for intermediate/advanced participants, and you should have previously attended a course in freehand drawing or portrait drawing or painting.


Recommended equipment:

You choose whether you want to paint with oil or acrylic paint, though we recommend you to work with oil, alternatively water soluble oil.

For those who paint with oil: we recommend you to mix with linseed oil. Turpentine is not permitted.

  • Painting paper or rolled canvas
  • Flat brushes in different sizes
  • Palette/palette paper and bended palette knife
  • Masking tape (not blue) and a scissor/paper knife
  • Painting cloth/rag and clothes you don’t mind spilling on

And if you have; a couple of empty jam glasses or similar, for water, oil, brushes etc

Suggestion for colours (you do not need all of these for the first course evening, only the most important, and the rest can be acquired underway):

  • Black and titan white
  • Red: Warm (bright cadmium) and cool (carmine/madder lake/alizarin)
  • Blue: Warm and cool, ultramarine blue, prussian blue, Parisian blue, cyan blue)
  • Yellow: Cadmium lemon and cadmium dunkel
  • Earth colours: yellow ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umbra, green earth

In addition: shoes or socks for inside use, and an apron or clothes you do not mind getting spilled on.


Teacher: Jan Cato Bøttger